Bristol Forge Insights

Bristol Forge Insights

Pharmaceutical Markets and Competitive Intelligence

Bristol Forge Insights provides trusted, independent insights backed by robust evidence and carefully vetted primary research in an ever-changing landscape. Trusted by Pharmaceutical companies for years.

Market Intelligence

Providing both project and functional leadership, we help to shape your new processes and suggest improvements to existing processes.

  • Market intelligence for entry support
  • Regulatory, clinical and commercial analysis, customized reports on the biologics/biosimilar markets.
  • Conducting sensitive internal inquiries and support, giving threat assessments by leveraging expert investigators and a global network of assets.
  • Customer segmentation, identifying key accounts for growth
  • Optimization of marketing that translates into ROI
  • Sales force effectiveness
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Sustainable Growth

Our team of experienced consultants have deep experience advising:

  • Market entry with a new product
  • Biologics and biosimilars, development and strategic plans, both on originator and biosimilar competition
  • Strategic planning to defend existing business and identify growth opportunities
  • Geographic expansion and go to market strategies
  • Product strategies (differentiated, mature, off-patent)
  • Operating and Clinical Trial strategies
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Mergers and Acquisitions

We help you maximise value with comprehensive and deep financial, management, operational and market assessments.

  • Target Identification, Valuation and profiling
  • Market Due Diligence
  • Acquisition or Divestiture of Companies, Products or Company assets
  • Screening of the Market environment
  • Negotiation Advisory
  • Pre and Post Merger support
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