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Bristol Forge Insights

Pharmaceutical Markets and Competitive Intelligence

Our work

Our depth and breadth of experience ensures clear, actionable insights are delivered from robust methodologies, high quality data and evidence gathering.


Over the years, we have been able to help Biosimilar companies in understanding the EU and Emerging Market Dynamics, advising them on clinical/regulatory and commercial strategies for their products.

Digital Health

We have been working for Health Tech Startups since 2016.

We understand the complex Routes to Market, the need of Regulators and the difficulties that Pharmaceutical companies face when dealing with digital health technologies.

Covid-19 has accelerated the need to integrate and understand advance data analysis and software to improve outcomes, both in healthcare and in the pharmaceutical industry

A new path

We are working with National Regulators and with Small Tech Startups to forge a new path for digital technologies within the Pharmaceutical industry.

Our aim is to guide Pharma corporations in how to best place their digital offering, advise on potential M&A and lead by example on best in class consulting of Digital Health and Market Access.

Some examples of our work

Competitor and market monitoring

On a T2 Diabetes project, we anticipated shifts in prescribing constraints across the EU 5, provided insights into likely payer and other stakeholder responses, demonstrated the vulnerability to our client's T2 D portfolio and advice on their mitigation options. An initially projected 5% revenue loss was avoided in this mature market.

There is so much going - on so many aspects to the dynamics of this market, I found the competitive dynamics complex. Your first slide put it all into place, a neat framework

Market landscape, dynamics and evolution

In a rapidly transforming sector, our client wanted to understand the relative importance of the extensive changes to his area of interest, before deciding what and where resources would be committed to market research and market access. We provided a quick overview.

That valuation methodology has demonstrably added €345million to our base line before we've even begun our request for bids. Its defensible, clear evidence to support it.

Market Research and competitor intelligence

Our mAB client sought to understand the market and product landscape, competitor access and commercialisation time frames and insights into evolving stakeholder perspectives. Our work with novel therapies and clients has been ongoing for a number of years in neurology, ophthalmology and oncology.

Please ask us...

  • Why non inferiority matters in your digital health strategy
  • How trial design will influence payer adoption, not just market authorization
  • How your competitive strategies are likely to be anticipated and countered - and whether it matters
  • If ROI on poor performing therapies is going to change
  • When and how perspectives outside your sphere of influence will add to your success
  • Or something else on your mind?

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